Volume 5 is the 5th volume of Tenjou Tenge manga series.

Cover CharactersEdit


  • Fight 27
  • Fight 28
  • Fight 29
  • Fight 30
  • Fight 31
  • Fight 32
  • Fight 33


Mitsuomi and Maya are now rivals, but once they were close friends. Their lives were changed forever because of one person: Shin Natsume, Maya's older brother and Mitsuomi's mentor. Inheritor of the Dragon Eyes and leader of the Supreme Warrior Faction, the charismatic Shin also bears dark and terrible secrets. Struggling under the burden of the immense power he possesses, and manipulated by those who seek to use that power, Shin begins to lose control. Maya and Mitsuomi each have their own ideas for how to deal with his increasingly erratic behavior, but it's up to Bunshichi to really beat some sense into him!


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