Tokuan Shojo
Name Tokuan Shojo
Kanji 猩 徳案
Romanji Shōjō Tokuan
Gender Male
Affiliation Shojo Faily
Debut (Manga) Chapter 90

Tokuan Shojo was the head of the Shōjō family and part of the assassination group assigned to kill Sōhaku. His power gives him the ability to copy someone else's appearance and change others as well. His power also allows him to read their ki, so he could copy their physical techniques. After the death of his friend and teammate, he begins to wear Myouun’s skull necklace as a remembrance. After the raid, he takes the appearance of an older Sōhaku, who is believed to be dead. The presumption is proved to be false, because two years later, Noriko took out one of his eyes and replaced it with Sōhaku’s. Since Sōhaku’s consciousness was stored in that eye, Tokuan’s body was taken over. Sohaku taking over Tokuan's body cut off the Shojo bloodline, indicating Tokuan likely had no siblings or children. Tokuan is therefore the last true Shojo family member. A Shojo branch family took on the name, and inter-married relatives to bring their power closer to the original Shojo family's power.

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