Shizuru Kamura
Name Shizuru Kamura
Kanji 禿 羅志鶴
Romanji Kamura Shizuru
Gender Female
Debut (Manga) Chapter 79

Shizuru Kamura (禿 羅志鶴 Kamura Shizuru) is the second daughter of the Kumura family. She was caught on purpose, in order to get close enough to Sohaku, to avenge her older brother. Her power from the Looping Green Wind Dragon's Gate gives her incredibly powerful leg attacks and phenomenal jumping power. Stripped off her bottom, she used her nude bottom half of her body to disorientate the guards, whom she later use her legs and feet to defeat. She was defeated by Noriko, who was controlling Souichiro’s body. Afterwards, she was forced by Noriko to repeatedly hit herself in the head for causing very minor injury to Sōhaku, and was left by Noriko for Souichiro to use however he wanted. Together, they planned to escape the compound, but were rescued by Mitsuomi, Maya, and Madoka. She was last seen holding off Sōhaku’s advancing forces with Tessen while the others went ahead. Judging from her reactions to Maya, she seems to have developed feelings for Souichiro.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Looping Green Wind Dragon's GateEdit

The Green Dragon with the power over wind.

  • Imperial Deer Legs: This is the prized technique of the Kamura clan. It utilizes the chakra of looping green wind Dragon to release a burst amounts of their ki to their legs, briefly boosting their strength. It's this ability which enables those practitioners of the Kamura's 1,000 Tatami Mat Leaping Imperial Deer Legs Style (「間合千畳」叡鹿脚) to make their extraordinary leaps, even in a single bound. Souichiro collects this ability from Shizuru Kamura.