Name Senhime
Kanji 千姫
Romanji Senhime
Gender Female
Debut (Manga) Chapter 92

Senhime is Ieyasu's granddaughter and the Magatama Shrine Maiden that is only born once every one thousand years. As the Magatama Shrine Maiden, she is marked with a special birthmark over her breast and controls the amaterasu’s dragon gate. Unlike all other dragon gates that rotate clockwise, the amaterasu’s dragon gate rotates counterclockwise, thus neutralizing others’ powers. This power, however, needed a great barrier to be controllable. She had been a virtual prisoner inside Osaka Castle and had never gone outside. Sōhaku built a barrier that allowed him to reverse her power from neutralization into amplification, to increase the resonance effect, when the red feathers attacked him. She was very fond of Sōhaku, partly because he would often revive her dead dog Yumemaru. After Sōhaku’s supposed death, she stayed in the castle until she was rescued by some of Tokuan’s elite soldiers. Even then she did not want to leave and was willing to burn with the castle, the only thing she knew. Her wishes were not respected and she was taken away. She was sent to live under the supervision of one of her grandfather's closest confidants, as Ichiyō had suggested.