Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden: Gaō Sōryu Enrenshō
Blazing Double Dragon Palm



Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden: Gaō Sōryu Enrenshō

CMX Translation

Dragon-Form, Forged Iron Needle Transmission: Blazing Double Dragon Palm



First Manga Appearance

Chapter 19

This high-class, Ki-based technique works off the principles of the Dragon-KI Qigong "Forged Needle" technique, which applies the fulcrum-based transference skill of "Uraate" to transmit the user's KI through the air. The technique follows the same required preparation as the "Forged Needle", though the most distinct difference lays in execution, firing out the rotational energy in a dual-palm strike instead a traditional straight punch. However, the technique's most defining quality lays in strength and KI capacity. Because of his superhuman strength, the amount of rotational energy Mitsuomi generates far exceeds that of anyone else. Coupled this with his enormous reserves of KI and the energy released is equivalent to twice the force and ferocity of a normal Forged Needle. Mitsuomi is the only character known to possess skill enough to accomplish such a feat, a testament to his mastery in combat.

Trivia Edit

  • The posture of the strike is reminiscent of Son Goku's famous technique: the Kamehameha.
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