Red Feathers are a group of 6 families within the 12 Founding Families who are able to use their own "Unique Dragon's Gate" giving them unique supernatural powers. Those 6 families have 36 branch families which means over the generations the powers occasionally got watered down into new powers giving them a Dragon Gate that is different from the Main Family.

Anyone that has any special powers granted to them by a unique Dragon's Gate are referred to as Red Feathers.

6 Founding Red Feather FamiliesEdit

Family Head Dragon's Gate
Nagi FamilySouichiro NagiDragon's Fist
Natsume FamilyAya NatsumeDragon's Eye
Hotaru FamilyUnknownDragon's Palm
Kabane FamilyHirohiko Myouun KabaneKabane Blade
Shōjō FamilyMitsuiro Tokuan ShojoReading and Imprinting Ki
Kago FamilySohaku KagoFlaming Dragon's Gate

36 Branch FamiliesEdit

Family Head Main Family Dragon's Gate
Enmi FamilyMouki EnmiNatsume FamilyDragon's Pupil
Rikudou FamilyUnknownKago FamilyDragon's Gate
Shukyou FamilyUnknownKabane FamilyDragon's Claw
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