Mouki Enmi
Name Mouki Enmi
Kanji 厭魅 魍鬼
Romanji Enmi Mōki
Gender Male
Affiliation Enmi Family
Enma Enmi
Debut (Manga) Chapter 57

A young boy who is the current heir of the Enmi family. When F attacked his family's shrine, he was forced to hide under the floorboards, while his family was slaughtered. Afterwards, he made his way into the Natsume residence for protection, because his family was once their branch family. Souichiro and Aya volunteered to help him save his guardian Enma, who was captured. With some guidance from Souichiro, he overcame his fears and became a warrior that his family always wanted. His powers are that of illusions created with help of his family’s moths.