Imperial Deer Legs
Imperial Deer Legs

Imperial Deer Legs

Dragon's Gate

Looping Green Wind Dragon


Shizuru Kamura

First Manga Appearance

Chapter 79

This is the prized technique of the Kamura clan. It utilizes the chakra of looping green wind Dragon to release a burst amounts of their ki to their legs, briefly boosting their strength. It's this ability which enables those practitioners of the Kamura's 1,000 Tatami Mat Leaping Imperial Deer Legs Style (「間合千畳」叡鹿脚) to make their extraordinary leaps, even in a single bound. Souichiro collects this ability from Shizuru Kamura. He was unaware of this ability until the election tournament, where he jumps up a wall to an opposing team. Although he still couldn't understand how he had gotten there.

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