Ichiyo Nagi
Name Ichiyo Nagi
Kanji 凪 一葉
Romanji Nagi Ichiyō
Gender Male
Affiliation Nagi Family
Debut (Manga) Chapter 90

Ichiyo Nagi was the head of the Nagi family and leader of the assassination group assigned to kill Sōhaku. Even though he was very young, he was well liked and respected by the other heads of the founding families. As a leader, he was wise beyond his years and never made any rash decisions. Most of the time, he remained composed, but he did show tears for Aya and Midori’s deaths. He miscalculated how difficult killing Sōhaku was and was forced with the other founding families to agree to a truce. The remainder of his days were spent defying Sōhaku by hunting down those with special powers, in order to stop the Resonance Effect. This goal led to the creation of a highly detailed plan to wipe out all the Red Feathers; this plan wasn't carried out for centuries as some of the required elements have just now come together.

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