Dragon Gates 2

The 7 Dragon Gates

The Dragon Gates are the so-called "7 Dragons" that live within everyone and govern the powers of wood, fire, metal, water, and air. Though all seven gates exist within the human body, a human body possesses only enough potential to activate one predetermined gate, independent of that person's influence. When enough Ki is consumed, a gate is opened for the first time and its power manifests. This can be achieved through the study of martial arts, meditation, through intense thoughts or emotions.

7 Dragon GatesEdit

These dragon gates are activated within people who acquire techniques through Martial arts. Within the 12 Founding Families the users of these gates are called White Feathers.

Looping Red Earth DragonEdit

The Red Dragon's power is the power of Earth. With this a user can harness the earth’s electrical fields and generate electricity. However, this works as long as his legs are connected to the earth. If no contact is made between the ground and his legs, his power remains idle.

Looping Orange Water DragonEdit

The Orange Dragon's power is the power of Water. With this it gives the user the power to manipulate water by flowing their Ki into it.

Looping Yellow Fire DragonEdit

The Yellow Dragon's Power is the power of Fire. With this the user has the ability to create and manipulate fire.

Looping Green Wind DragonEdit

The Green Dragon's Power is the power of Wind. With this one user was shown releasing a burst amounts of their ki to their legs, briefly boosting their strength.

Looping Blue Wood DragonEdit

The Blue Dragon's Power is the power of Wood. With this the user can flow their Ki through wood or anything deriving from it, hardening it into a weapon.

Metal Silk Throat DragonEdit


Air-storing Spirit DragonEdit


8th Dragon GateEdit

Beyond the 7 Dragon Gates, there exists within certain people an 8th special Dragon Gate giving them particularly unique power. These gates are different from the 7 that govern the elements, it is said that the dragon gate is the 8th element which was used in the construction of the World. Within the 12 Founding Families the users of these gates are called Red Feathers. Within those 12 families 6 have the unique gates and some element of the powers has been passed on to a branch family relative weakening the original power and creating a scaled down version in the offspring

6 Red Feather Family and Branch Family Dragon GatesEdit

Other Dragon GatesEdit

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