Aya Natsume
Aya Past
Name Aya Natsume
Kanji 棗 愛文
Romanji Natsume Aya
Age 9
Gender Female
Affiliation Natsume Family
Debut (Manga) Chapter 89

Aya Natsume is Maya and Aya’s ancestor from 14 generations ago and one of the Reiki’s previous owners. She was part of the assassination group assigned to kill Sohaku. Even though she looked like an adult with her powers, her actual age was only nine years old. She had the power to create illusions and make a realistic, fully controllable copy of herself as an adult, with the help her beetles. She is depicted as having quite the mean streak, especially when it concerned her teammate Ichiyo. Some of her unkind behavior was misleading, as it was later exposed that she actually was treating the frostbitten feet of a peasant girl with Samurai hat and not just hurting her. She managed to kill Sōhaku's body while his powers were nullified by Senhime, like Ichiyō planned, but was also killed by him with her own dagger. Before dying, she mistook Aya's presence for Ichiyō and said she was happy for helping him at least once in her life and that she would be going ahead of him

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